Letters about the weather Duration: 15min
35mm - 2000
Director: Peter Salmon
Producer: Liz DiFiore

In a future world where virtual reality is the way of life, one woman discovers genuine connection in the real moment.

Letters about the weather is a science fiction drama and was financed through the NZ Film Commission short film scheme. Letters about the weather premiered at Telluride Film Festival in the USA in 2000.

"Of this Homegrown selection, Letters about the weather is most like a feature film. It was a joy to watch a mini-movie with a clear storyline and characters we can sympathise with, as well as special effects that serve the film without being indulgent..."

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Sara Wiseman, The New Zealand Film Awards 2000
FINALIST, The New Zealand Film Awards 2000
Clermont Ferrand, France 2001

27th Telluride Film Festival, USA 2000
New Zealand International Film Festival 2000
MIC Homegrown Film Festival, New Zealand 2000

Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, France 2001 (Special Jury Award)
Cinema des Cineastes, France 2001
Cannes Forum, France 2001
SciFi Network, Exposure, USA 2001
Puchon Fantastic Film Festival, Korea 2001
San Tropez, France 2001
Canadian Worldwide Shortfilm Festival, Canada 2001